My name is Thomas Perret, I'm host work team events and I think all individuals are intelligent.


A new level of engagement, performance and results for your team through creative events based on "open space" conferencing. The event can be as short as half a day.

This form of group exploration has changed what I consider possible anywhere people are working together – be it in a company, school or other kind of organization. This event will awaken silent potential and knowledge in your group in just a few hours. If you haven't experienced it yet, you will.

How does it happen?

During an event the individuals of your team are invited to participate in a quest towards a purpose that is important for you. We know it is important because you have chosen the theme yourself. 

When we work together, I guide you through the preparation of the workshop and during the workshop I act as a "master of ceremonies", so that everyone in your team can enjoy participating fully.

How long is the workshop?

Half a day and up.


1. Documentation of all the initiatives and ideas
that have emerged within your team/s during the workshop

2. Your team will feel evolved
Your understanding of each other is deeper, which makes your communication and mobility faster. You are likely to experience a deepened sense of respect amongst each other, which positively affects all levels of being and performing.

3. New skills
You will have the skill to host invitation-based projects at your workplace and elsewhere.

What if You're not satisfied With the OUTCOME?

Then I won't charge you.

How do we proceed?

When you have answered the question below, I will get back to you with a proposal by e-mail or phone, according to your choice. 


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mobile: +358 40 502 0613
email: thomas [at]

I host workshops in Finnish, Swedish and English.

MORE About me

I am 41 years old, I'm a co-founder of Dooning Ltd and the person running the activities. In April 2005 my life changed. I was at a workshop in Sweden when had a moment of insight. I saw how I, for as long as I could remember, had been prepared to pretend in order to be liked. Since then, a hunger for truthfulness has been with me. I have failed many times and yet it is the path I am on.

Freedom and integrity for all people is at the center of my values. Freedom and responsibility are for me two sides of the same coin – when a decision is mine to make I automatically feel responsible.

My finding, in 2010, the ways of approaching collaboration that we apply in these workshops has made me enthusiastic about what is possible between humans – be it in schools, business corporations or in society. What I offer is a bit like training wheels for trying out next-level teamwork.


People dancing while they're working.


To help workplaces prosper through purpose and supportive surroundings.