“Why do it any other way?”

I was looking at the newly-shaped program for the 3-day conference and this thought came into my mind. It was 2011 in Baltimore and my third experience with open space conferencing.

This participant-driven conferencing form expanded the possibilities I saw for people working together. “Just think when this reaches schools, companies, volunteer organizations”, I thought. If you haven't experienced it yet, you have something nice ahead of you.

What is it about?

Open space is a conference where the participants are responsible for the outcome, anyone brave enough can post a session. Just like in gardening, the fruit follows an allowing environment. Therefore in a company, open space conferencing works when the boss supports it.

Planning an event, I guide you through the preparation of the conference and during the conference I act as a facilitator, guidning you in the room. This way everyone in your team can enjoy participating fully.

How long is the confernece?

Half a day will give you the taste. One day is best. Two days even better.


1. Documentation of all the initiatives and ideas
that have emerged during the workshop

2. Deeper sense of “together”
Your understanding of each other is deeper, which makes your communication and mobility faster. If people have taken risks, you are likely to experience a deepened sense of respect amongst each other, which positively affects all levels of being and performing.

3. New skills
You will have the skill to host invitation-based projects at your workplace and elsewhere.

How do we proceed?

You can invite me for coffee. Or if you answer the question below, I will get back to you by e-mail or phone, according to your choice. 


Name *

open space facilitator

mobile: +358 40 502 0613
email: thomas [at] dooning.fi

I know Finnish, Swedish and English.


About me

My name is Thomas and I love creating together with people. And open space conferences are the best, I could live inside an open space conference. I want everyone to experience it. I would like for Finland to be a country where everyone knows how to “openspace”.

Equality is at the center of my values. Freedom and responsibility are for me two sides of the same coin – when a decision is mine to make I automatically feel responsible.


People finding it impossible not to dance while working


To support progress through trust and supportive surroundings